Responsibility (CER)

Together, we can support the dream of environmentally and socially aware shipping. Every day, across all our operations and in every aspect of our business, we strive to make shipping safer, greener, and more responsible.

People, safety and well-being

We are convinced that successful health and safety management is an essential component of the company’s mission and is crucial to the company’s long-term viability.
We believe that everyone involved, whether on land or at sea, should take preventative measures rather than having to respond to an emergency. Potential risks and hazards can be eliminated or reduced through thorough assessment and evaluation.

There is no legitimate business goal that warrants compromising on safety and proper precautions should always be taken.

Planet and ocean sensitivity

Environmental protection, ocean health, and biodiversity are of the utmost importance to us, and we have made every effort to minimize our negative impact. Through a variety of initiatives, such as avoiding substances that deplete the ozone layer, investing in premium fuels to reduce the fleet’s carbon footprint, regulating the disposal of waste and used materials, as well as employing environmentally-friendly methods for clean ballast water exchange management, we are committed to being leaders in the industry’s green transformation.

We take pride in the successful operation of older vessels. Through sound maintenance management and engineering best practices, we aim to extend their life-cycle in a sustainable manner, reducing in this way the environmental cost of replacement.

Human resources & social responsibility

Equal opportunity for growth and promotion in one’s chosen field and a belief in the virtues of life-long learning is a cornerstone of our approach to human resources management. Safety policies, inclusive and diverse workplaces, and high-quality catering are just a few of the ways we seek to keep our employees and crew satisfied. We provide continuous educational and training opportunities to all our sea and shore-based personnel. Furthermore, we support the development of shipping industry expertise by participating in the funding of the Union of Greek Shipowners postgraduate scholarships program.

Our connections to the communities and local businesses are also flourishing. We have close relationships with hundreds of regional businesses, including suppliers and port agents, that adhere to our strict principles regarding transparency and ethical business practices.

Energy Management

Considering the rising fuel prices, geopolitical tensions, tighter regulations, and growing environmental concerns, our energy consumption is at the top of the agenda. Gourdomichalis Maritime has increased its overall sustainability profile by adopting cutting-edge technologies and implementing educational workshops for its employees.